Ricardo Zea. Web Designer in Dayton, Ohio

Pearlmax Oral Surgery


Pearlmax.net belongs to a good friend of mine, Dr. German Trujillo, DDS. I created the totality of his brand:

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Website
  • Pearlmax Logo
  • Pearlmax Business Cards
  • Pearlmax Stationery
  • Pearlmax Brochure
  • Pearlmax Website
  • Pearlmax Magazine
  • Pearlmax Postcard


I was solely responsible for this project, from creating the brand to designing the stationary, brochure, magazine ads and the website.

When this project was developed, responsive design wasn’t yet in my radar.

Cleary, things are different now :]


Wireframes Visual Design Interaction Design HTML + CSS Scripting
N/A 100% 100% 100% 100%


Wireframes weren’t necessary for this project.

Visual Design

After creating the brand, I came up with a design system for the stationary and applied it to the site.

Interaction Design

We decided to use a small carousel on the homepage and a larger one for the Office Tour pages to feature photos of the office and building. The carousels was never intended for conversion so I knew that these were one of those particular cases where it was Ok to use them.


I did not use a CMS for this site because there wasn’t a plan for permanent content updates. Everything is done by hand, page by page with the help of include files of course.


I used jQuery for this project.

Albeit simple, I implemented all the scripting on the site.

We used WooFoo for the Patient Registration, Referrals and Contact pages.